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About DermalInfusion:

DermalInfusion is an advanced skin resurfacing treatment that combines the effects of exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of key serums to achieve the patient’s desired results. (While this treatment is specifically designed to achieve an incredible glow and healthier skin for the face, it can be used nearly anywhere on the body.)

The best part? This treatment can be used on ANY skin type.

To achieve these effects, three factors are at play when performing this incredible treatment.

  • Exfoliation is achieved via a recessed diamond tip in the applicator. The system pulls the skin to the tip via light suction and exfoliates the skin manually to remove the outer layer of dry, damaged skin cells.

  • Extraction is achieved via the light suction applied to lift the skin to the diamond tip applicator. While working to bring the skin to the tip, the suction also extracts unwanted materials found within pores, such as oil, black/white heads etc…

  • Lastly, the magic happens with the simultaneous infusion of the key serums. Infusing these serums at the exact moment of extraction and exfoliation allows for deeper penetration into the skin. The serums can be customized and combined for each patient’s specific needs/concerns. Treatment options available at Beyond Skin include:

    • Ultra Hydrating

      Restores glow and volume the same day as treatment.

    • Skin Brightening

      Color and pigment corrections for age and Café au lait spots

    • Vitamin C

      Key serum for restoring collagen growth and overall skin health

    • Pore Clarifying

      Pore refining to prevent additional oil and blackheads post treatment


*While skin transformation can be achieved with just one treatment, Beyond Skin recommends a series of at least three treatments for dramatic, lasting results


Pricing for DermalInfusion:

1 Treatment


3 Treatments

$459 ($153/tx)

6 Treatments

$899 ($149/tx)

9 Treatments

$1299 ($144/tx)

12 Treatments

      $1629 ($135/tx)