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About the HCG 2.0 Diet:

The HCG 2.0 Diet has been tailored and customized by our own Dr. McCartney, exclusively for our patients at Beyond.  Our very own "HCG 2.1" diet utilizes three factors to help our patients achieve the weight loss they desire, and keep it off.  With the three factors of physician oversight, HCG injections, and a nutrient focused diet plan, patients can typically expect to lose around a pound per day (on average) while on either a 21 or 40-day program.

The 3 phase program and diet are specifically adapted for every individual patient. 
Using what is known as the BMR, we calculate the total amount of calories patients will consume while on the diet, on a daily basis.  The patient always starts their program with Phase 1, consisting of 2 days of "loading". This phase is meant to begin the body’s natural metabolism of foods that are intentionally high in fat and carbohydrates.  The patient then begins Phase 2, involving the HCG injections while on their Restrictive Calorie diet, mainly consisting of:

  • High quality, lean proteins

  • Little to no added sugar or fat
  • An “unlimited” intake of vegetables, provided they are not above the accepted threshold of carbohydrates.  

*Also, this phase of the diet typically allows for fruit, and even a couple glasses of wine throughout the week (with moderation and consideration of calories and carbs contained within a glass).

While in the intensive phase of the diet, the patients will check in weekly with the provider to ensure they are keeping on track with their weight loss goals, as well as to provide a re-evaluation of their current diet, should patients plateau or gain previously lost weight. 

After the intensive phase of the diet, the patient will continue a fairly regimented diet, but with the addition of fats (cooking oils, cheeses, salad dressings, etc…) provided said additions are still low in added sugars and other carbohydrates.

Lastly, once done with the 3rd phase, patients can resume a normal, healthy eating lifestyle, while considering and keeping some of the key tenants of the HCG diet, namely the avoidance of added sugars and keeping carbohydrate intake at a lower rate than what previously may have caused the initial weight gain.  

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